Maintenance Services

American Business Solutions of Illinois, Inc. offers several Levels of Services as well as Service Maintenance Contracts. We offer our customers a wide variety of Printers, Fax Machines, and Multifunction systems to best suite your companies needs. By offering OEM and Compatible Supplies with Accessories, your company has a choice of money saving solutions.

American Business Solutions of Illinois, Inc. technical department is one of the finest in the industry. We pride ourselves that we do more than repair existing problems – we take the time to try to correct potential future problems as well, drawing on our experience with printers.

All ABSOI technicians are insured by our company’s general liability policy. They are covered for your protection and ours. When dealing with us you are always covered. The policy is available for viewing by contacting our corporate office and filling out a policy review request form.

ABSOI has created a precise preventative maintenance schedule to keep your printers performing in the optimum working condition. Looking at your overall work environment, allows us to properly assess your needs. Our approach to maintaining the health of your printers has proven to reduce costly repairs and diminish down time. Client education is a must: teaching you the basic tips so you feel confident when you need us, instead of wasting unnecessary dollars on service calls.


Preventive Maintenance

On-Site Service

Each time American Business Solutions of Illinois, Inc. is called to your location, you will incur a flat fee charge per machine. Also you would incur charges for any parts that are necessary for your printer(s). Repairs are only performed upon authorization from your personnel. Printer cleaning is inclusive with service. ABSOI comes to you. Simple, fast, reliable scheduling is performed. We understand that you and your company cannot have downtime and if you do its costing you money. With us coming to you your repair time is cut in half.

● Unlimited Technical Support

● Multi-Point Cleaning with every repair

● Same to next day service

Drop Off Service

● Free Estimate
● Same Day Service
● Reduced Labor Rate

Preventive Maintenance

American Business Solutions of Illinois, Inc.. will clean and service your
printer(s) on a request basis for a flat price. Volume discounts are available for this service.
The service includes the following:

● Print out of test page to determine print quality and resolution.

● Complete inspection of fusing assembly, feed rollers, separation pad,  transfer coronas, ozone filter, and necessary maintenance.

● Vacuuming out of all excess toner and paper dust with an anti-static vacuum.

● Complete cleaning of optics and mirrors.

No hidden charges

Emergency & weekend Service available

Inkjet Printers

ABSOI does not repair inkjet printers due to the high cost of the repair compared to their retail price. If you have an inkjet printer with a retail value over $250 USD and it needs servicing, please contact us for more information or to discuss your options.

Contact us for a free onsite evaluation of your supplies and equipment.